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  • Wall And Roof Insulation
  • Wall And Roof Construction
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Hi Guys/Girls, I’m Gary and like the guy who wrote the ‘How to build your container home’ eBook, who happens to be a workmate of mine, I have removed my last name because I work for a company who sell manufactured container homes and I am “not allowed” to share these designs. It’s ridiculous, I mean fair enough they want to make as much money as they can, but surely there is a way which everyone can win? This is why John and I have, with the help from the team at SCHA, put together the information and plans needed to help those who want to build a container home themselves or get a local builder to help them build it. I’m a qualified Australian Architect and I took an interest in container homes in 2001, designing my first one in 2002. I have designed over 80 container homes and buildings, some of which include – – Single Container Granny Flats, – Backyard Gyms and Workshops, – Farm/Bush Cabins, – Beach Houses, – Residential Houses in Melbourne, Brisbane and Rural Towns, – Mining Dongas, and – Even a Huge 32 Container House. When I started designing them I thought it was easy, they have some solid dimensions to guide the designer, then after actually seeing them get build I realised there is a fine line between designing a building which can be used as a house and designing fully functional homes. My plan is to collate many of the designs I have done which have been built as successful buildings and format them to be easy to understand for the average person. Once I have loaded them (around 50 plans) I will then add a section which will include new designs and designs which work in theory.

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New 3d renders for all designs coming soon

Shipping container homeSmall Shipping container home
Single Shipping container homeLittle Shipping container home
Gary has been very helpful with designing our holiday farm house and work shed, we originally submitted our plans to council and they got knocked back, we then were referred to Gary and he help make the designs what they needed to be to get the place approved. Not only is he helpful but a top bloke to boot. Mark

Hobby Farmer

How can our Architectural plans help you?

Reduce Costs

Why pay $3000 when you can pay just a few hundred instead? By allowing multiple people to buy the plans I can offer them at a lower price.


Our plans maximise the space and appeal and functionality, while minimising the costs.

Increase Council Approval

The most common reason for your council denying building approval is because they think it will be a badly designed/built home, remove that doubt and show them it will be professional by submitting professional plans.


Browsing detailed designs gives you the information required to plan things like space, cost and for you to figure out exactly what you want.

Proven Designs

Our plans have been proven to work in physical constructions, not just hypotheticals.

Lifetime Membership

Price $200

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Architect Plans

Included if you hire an Architect
  • Floor Plan Drawings + Elevation Drawings Of All 4 Sides + Electricity Plans + Details Of Wall And Roof Insulation + Details Of Wall And Roof Construction + Door And Window Schedule
  • 1 Plan, If you want to extend later or add another building like a granny flat you will need to pay for a new set of plans
  • Little or No Experience with Container Home Plans
  • Cost of Modifications $100 – $300 Per Hour

Our Architect Plans

Included in our Architect plans
  • Floor Plan Drawings + Elevation Drawings Of All 4 Sides + Electricity Plans + Details Of Wall And Roof Insulation + Details Of Wall And Roof Construction + Door And Window Schedule
  • 10 Designs and Many More Coming Soon, Want to add a granny flat or build another house? No need to pay again
  • Very Experienced With Container Home Plans
  • Cost of Modifications $150 flat fee per set of standard changes
I love all things funky and anything that pushes the design norm to new levels, Gary does just that with these shipping container home designs, I look forward to seeing more inspiring homes from you Gary.


Industrial Designer

Gary has been a huge help in getting the designs just right for my husband and I to be able to build our little container home, the money we saved on our house we were able to put into our organics farm. Plus when we have kids we can easily extend the house. I certainly recommend him to anyone who is even just contemplating a container home.


Organic Farmer

Container homes are the fastest growing type of housing in Australia,

Why? Because they are the best value for money, stylish and you are helping the environment.

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