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Additional Containers


Add extra containers to existing plans

Price is the same for 20ft or 40ft standard ISO containers and includes:

The container added where you want it on the –

– Floor plan layout and Elevation Plans

Also –

– Window and Doors (Add, Move or Remove)

– Electricity Plan

How it works

1. Place your order

2. Add notes and images/sketches to the order or email them to

(Note: send all change requests in 1 message, multiple messages will incur additional charges)

3. I will then get the changes completed as quickly as possible, usually 1 week

4. I will send your new designs to you via email in .bak .pdf and .dwg formats

5. If the designs are not as you described, all you need to do is re-describe them and it will be fixed up free of charge.

(Note: sketches are generally easier to understand than just words, so if possible please help yourself and me by sending sketches with your descriptions)



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