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Full Custom Plans


Any design configuration you want, made with ISO Shipping Containers

Send us your ideas and we will convert it into a full set of plans.

Please note that the clearer you can describe it the better the outcome for both of us, provide sketches if you can.

How it works

1. Place your order

2. Add notes and images/sketches to the order or email them to

(Note: send all initial requests in 1 message, multiple messages will incur additional charges)

3. I will then design the entire building as quickly as possible, usually less than 3 weeks

4. I will send your new designs to you via email in .pdf and .dwg formats

5. If the designs are not as you described, all you need to do is re-describe them and it will be fixed up free of charge.

(Note: sketches are generally easier to understand than just words, so if possible please help yourself and me by sending sketches with your descriptions)



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    We are thrilled with Garry's work. He is very patient and helpful with any additional questions we had being out first project of this nature. He responds to emails very quickly and would send revised drafts within a few days. He was familiar with our manufacturer so we were confident his drawings were accutate. We can not recommend him enough! We are happy to discuss our experience with any potential customers. Just ask Gary for our email. Thank you Gary & best Wishes Greg & Miranda A

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